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Oracle eBusiness Suite R12.2 –More Features

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on 16th February 2013

Oracle ATG team recently released through webcast few more details about R12.2 deployment and administration changes.

Planned Features for Oracle eBusiness Suite R12.2

Native Technology Stack Installation availability that means Transparent integration with
Oracle Universal Installer, Silent-mode calls to install and configure Oracle Database 11.2, WebLogic Server (WLS) and Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) and Selective AutoConfig integration

Out-of-the-box RAC Install availability with following features:rac

  • RMAN Database Restore
  • Simplifies Integration with Grid Infrastructure
  • Seamless integration with different storage methods (OCFS2, NFS, etc)
  • Faster integration with Automatic Storage Management (ASM)







Dual File System availability, which will: Enables Online Patching, Installs 2 File Systems which allow replacing files with minimum downtime and Improves High Availability, Dual Port Pool configuration and easy port assignments. This will also allow port customization in runtime and patching file systems.














Optional 11g Oracle Home for Upgrades will allows integration with an existing 11gR2 Oracle Home to simplifies Technology Stack Upgrade & reduces Upgrade time. There will be check list option to select during Database Node Configuration to “Use existing Oracle Home (No New Database Home Install)”

Native Fusion Middle Ware Cloning will:

  • Uses native Fusion Middleware tools to clone WLS & OHS Homes
  • No longer needed to copy the FMW Home files
  • FMW is automatically packaged into clone directory during preclone

In 12.2, Autoconfig has a reduced role in the configuration of OHS and WLS. The remaining configurations performed by Autoconfig stay the same.

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