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Recap of MEOUG Majlis 2013

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on 30th March 2013

A lot went on this week at MEOUG Majlis 2013 Annual Conference held on March 25-26, 2013 at Westin, Dubai UAE,majlislogo 250+ attendees, 30+ end users success stories and quite a few shiny, new products highlights from Cliff Godwin, SVP Oracle. There was a very good session on empowering people with special needs from ‘Manzil’ organization…a destination, a home, a hope, for a day of community service along with Majlis, it was really very impressive to see how Dr. Ayesha and her team is managing school of special needs.

This year MEOUG Majlis 2013 was the most successful event so far in the history of MEOUG, 400+ individual registered online to attend the conference. We all as part of MEOUG board were very excited and put all possible efforts to arrange this event, starting from planning of each and every activity, agenda preparation, conference logistics, follow for the new customer success stories, in a short time was a challenge but really would like to pass my gratitude to all MEOUG Board and Oracle Dubai office Marketing team for such a breathtaking experience. There was a surprise for me this year in the opening ceremony of Majlis to get Appreciation Certificate…..:)

Entire day went to different breakout session starting from R12 Upgrade success story from Dubai eGovernment to dedicated Health Care session, Oracle BI, Oracle Fusion Applications, Oracle Retail, Java and in the day end was ‘Voice of Oracle Users’. A dedicated session for end users to get feedback on different Oracle technology areas. A tiring day was over and started getting ready for 2nd day and during 2nd day; I was also speaking on a rapid and cost effective Oracle eBusiness suite R12 upgrade. 2nd day we have also got good crowd, 100+ attendees. Started with Proactive support workshop session from Oracle Proactive support team, my session also went good and got a good feedback from attendees as session was focusing how companies can go for Upgrade project as internal organizational initiative. Last session of MEOUG Majlis was technology focus from Oracle E-Business Suite Release from Nadia Bendjedou, Senior Director, Oracle. As always Nadia’s session was worth listening. Finally with the closing remarks and group photo of conference attendees brings end to the MEOUG Majlis 2013, full 2 days with Oracle Roadmap, User Case Studies and networking with Middle East oracle user’s community.

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I’ll be speaking at MEOUG Majlis 2013

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on 24th March 2013

MEOUG’s Annual Conference Majlis is back and I got an opportunity to speak during Middle East Oracle User Group (MEOUG) Majlis 2013 Annual conference scheduled to


be held on 25-26 March 2013 at Westin, Dubai, UAE.

My session will be covering secrets and rapid upgrade of successful R12 project.

If you are going to be in MEOUG Majlis , please join my session.

Middle East Oracle User Group (MEOUG) – an Independent Oracle User group will hold its Annual Conference MEOUG MAJLIS. An exciting day of Oracle Roadmap, User Case Studies, SIG meetings and Round table.


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Oracle EBS – Concurrent Manager – Not Running, inactive NoManager

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on 2nd March 2013

How to troubleshoot when Oracle eBusiness Suite Concurrent Request shows “Inactive NoManager”


Navigation Path to go to Concurrent Manager

System Administrator Responsibility -> Concurrent -> Manager ->

• Administer Form -> Verify the Concurrent Managers Status

Now Login into your apps node where concurrent program is is and you can verify with command

ps –ef | FNDLIBR process

Start Concurrent Manager through

Ensure All Managers are running now.


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