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Tech Talks on Oracle Technologies

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on 26th May 2015

OTech Talks Lets Talk OPEN, is an initiative to bring together Industry Experts to share knowledge and information around the latest happenings in the world of technology and Oracle started during March 2015 and my primarily focus was on to build this platform in the world of Podcasting, videos and blogs

Be Part of Tech Talk?
We ♥ Oracle Technology

My all blogs and Podcasts will be in OTech Talks now onward as i have handed over ownership of this portal to other community member. 

The views expressed on this portal/blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle.

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IOUG Oracle EM SIG Techcast on Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on 11th September 2014

I have got an opportunity to present Webinar/TECHCAST arranged by IOUG EM SIG for IOUG Oracle EM SIG Techcast: Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c – How to Achieve Heights of Success. The webcast was presented Wednesday, September 10, at 12 noon CDT.

Recording to be posted this week! Click here to be taken to the Special Interest Groups (SIGs):Oracle Enterprise Manager Files.
Just copying abstract as it is published by IOUG through IOUG e-Brief

Just as the title states, this presentation shares a case study of a successful implementation of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.

Speaker Kashif Manzoor explains the methods that were used in the implementation to maximize the value of the EM 12c and will share their lessons learned.

From this presentation viewers will:

  • Understand the architectural enhancements of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.
  • Learn how to manage the lifecycle of Oracle Enterprise Manager components IaaS, PaaS, DBaaS and MWaaS.
  • Learn how to architect and implement Oracle Enterprise Manager to optimize availability and performance.
  • Learn how Oracle Enterprise Manager empowers end customers, Oracle IT administrators, and Oracle Support.

Webinar presenter Kashif Manzoor is an Oracle ACE and Project Director of Applications at Raqmiyat, LLC, a systems integrator and the primary IT division of the Al Ghurair business group based in Dubai, UAE. Recently, Manzoor spoke with IOUG E-Brief: Oracle Enterprise Manager about his company’s experience with Enterprise Manager and what he wants to convey to webinar attendees.

What was the impetus for your organization to deploy Oracle EM 12c for your customer?
Kashif Manzoor: The client IT team was spending lot of time monitoring databases and applications. All of the processes were manual and we were often unaware of user performance problems until end users complained.  We wanted to achieve standardized monitoring and alerting with at-a-glance system health checks.

What helped you to prepare for your implementation?
KM: Strong top management commitment and support was the primary factor to achieving success for the Enterprise Manager implementation. We followed a lifecycle of continuous growth with a rigid project plan, starting with initial rollout to a few nodes.

What is the first thing organizations should consider before they begin an Enterprise Manager implementation?
KM: They first need to inventory their current environment before the project starts and decide what they want to get out of the Enterprise Manager implementation. Once Enterprise Manager is in place, it becomes as critical as the other applications or databases within an organization.

Looking back, what factors were fundamental to the success of your efforts?

KM: It is important to think of an Enterprise Manager implementation as a formal company project in line with internal PMO processes and reviews. A controlled incremental deployment of OEM within the environment also played a vital role to the success of the project.

What roadblocks do you see that customers or colleagues typically run into when implementing Oracle EM 12c?
KM: Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control has many features and a great deal of functionality with the added plug-ins. Therefore, it is very important to decide what your organization wants for your operations. Companies need to remember they don’t have to implement all of the features all at once. They also should assign an EM “owner” within their organization.

What do you want to convey in the webcast?
KM: The webcast will take attendees through a case study of the implementation, highlighting the top 25 tips for the backbone of an EM 12c initiative. In our experience, we initially thought Enterprise Manager would be just a database tool. But later we realized we should have thought of it as an enterprise tool from the beginning. This is one of the messages I want to pass along – treat an Enterprise Manager implementation as you would other any other application implementation you are doing in your organization.



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Oracle User Group Leaders EMEA Annual Summit 2014

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on 25th May 2014

IOUC has organized Oracle User Group Presidents/Leaders conference at Sofia Balkan Hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria during May 20-22, 2014EMEA-lcs for European, Middle-East and African Oracle User Group Leaders’ Community (EOUC). I got an opportunity to represent MEOUG as President of the group. I was going first to this summit. The conference started with the reception on the evening of 20th May, met with number of new folks and leaders of different Oracle user groups. 1st day started with the Introduction and Summit overview, all attendees had a intro slide, that was great to know each and every attendee of conference… it was a personal touch for everyone. Followed by welcome note from Bulgarian User Group President & Director User group relations.

The most amazing part of the whole summit was 4 Minute Pitch, where different Leaders shared their best practises, or key element area of the user engagement. Different topics were discussed including IoT (Internet of Things), working with Support, Gamifying user experience. End of 1st day was City Tour and dinner on lovely place with all fellow folks and friends. Had a great conference and learned lot of new things, its mean more work for MEOUG……….


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Speaking during Collaborate 2014

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on 29th January 2014

COLLABORATE_14_OAUG_900x149_I Am_Speaking

Time is passing very quickly ……I’m just recalling year 2012 and I was at Collaborate 2012 in Las Vegas  and now year 2014…. & Collaborate 2014 is on !!!

This year during Collaborate 14, I am pleased to share I have been selected to present at COLLABORATE 14: Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle Community – OAUG Forum and would like to invite you to attend my session in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 7-11:

Session ID #:  13771
Session Title:  Installation and Configurations of Oracle Fusion Applications – Lessons Learned
Date:  4/11/2014
Time:  12:15 PM – 01:15 PM PDT (local Las Vegas time)
Room:  Level 3, Murano – 3201

COLLABORATE 14 is designed to help users of the full family of Oracle business applications and database technologies gain greater value from their Oracle investments.

The Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) Forum is hosting many breakout sessions tailored for you and your particular interests. Whatever your focus, there’s a session designed for you— visit to view the agenda. You’ll also hear from key industry luminaries speaking at COLLABORATE 14, including representatives from Oracle, and we’ll enjoy many great opportunities for conversation, networking and fun.

Register today for this must-attend event!  For registration information and the latest updates on COLLABORATE 14, visit

 I hope to collaborate with you in Las Vegas!

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Speaking at UKOUG Technology Conference 2013

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on 21st November 2013

I am speaking at UKOUG Tech 13 on Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, join my session scheduled on Dec 4, 2013

Who are UKOUG? UKOUG exists to serve the Oracle community in the UK and Ireland. We act as a focal point for sharing knowledge about Oracle applications, technologies, tools and developments and, as an independent, not for profit membership organisation, represent the views of users and partners to Oracle – See more at:

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Oracle OpenWorld 2013 – Recap

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on 2nd October 2013

I arrived in San Francisco on midday Saturday after 16hours flight from Dubai to attend Oracle OpenWorld as a Speakeropenworldand Oracle Excellence Award Winner. After check-in to hotel, went outside with another my friend for late lunch and visited Ferry Building area. Sunday morning started very early and OpenWorld registration went very smoothly, the first session I went to was DBA Expert Panel Discussion, where all leading DBAs were present.

Next was to spend 1 hour on IOUC User group booth to represent MEOUG. IOUC booth was setup to spread user group messages to OOW attendees. I met few of other User Group presidents and representatives, from there it was off to the OTN Lounge to meet other Oracle OTN/ACE folks. Finally reached to keynote of Sunday from Larry Ellison.

Following were the main announcements from keynote:

Oracle’s introduction of in-memory option for 12C database, as well as Big Memory Machine-M6-32

Ellison said that the in memory option will make getting responses to queries 100 times faster and we can now get responses faster than we can come up with the questions. The M6-32 Big Memory Machine, which is said to be ideal for in-memory databases is a high-powered server featuring a new processor in the form of the SPARC M6. The chip incorporates 12 cores – twice the number in the current M5, it can run 96 threads per processor.

Monday was big day for me as I was getting Oracle Excellence Award for Oracle Proactive Support Champion. Thank you Oracle for awarding me such a prestigious award. The Oracle Proactive Support Champion Individual Award recognizes individuals, who have made a significant impact on their company’s adoption and use of proactive support tools, best practices and have been able to influence others to adopt proactive tools.

This year my session got slot on Thursday 26th Oct, I was presenting on Oracle eBusiness Suite…

[CON2828] Upgrade in Three Months: Secrets to a Rapid, Cost-Effective Upgrade

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I’m an Oracle ACE Now!

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on 24th May 2013

I am happy to share with all of you that I have received Oracle ACE Award from Oracle Corporation this Friday O_ACELogo_clrmorning… a very pleasant and lovely day!

I am really honored to receive this Award and this is something that makes me very delighted, thanks for everyone my family, friends, colleagues and oracle tech community for their support. I am the 1st  from UAE to receive Oracle ACE…….

You can get more info about Oracle ACE Program, it is a way for Oracle to acknowledge not only technical skills but also personal engagement with the Oracle Community and Technology overall.

What to write more ……. Now I am in the list of  Oracle ACEs, i use to follow them for oracle tech solutions… It’s a really honor to be part of this group and I’m glad to be there.

Thank you so much to Oracle ACE program for considering me to be awarded! Today I am more committed than ever to the Oracle community that has brought me so much joy and success.

My Oracle ACE profile Kashif Manzoor

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Recap of MEOUG Majlis 2013

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on 30th March 2013

A lot went on this week at MEOUG Majlis 2013 Annual Conference held on March 25-26, 2013 at Westin, Dubai UAE,majlislogo 250+ attendees, 30+ end users success stories and quite a few shiny, new products highlights from Cliff Godwin, SVP Oracle. There was a very good session on empowering people with special needs from ‘Manzil’ organization…a destination, a home, a hope, for a day of community service along with Majlis, it was really very impressive to see how Dr. Ayesha and her team is managing school of special needs.

This year MEOUG Majlis 2013 was the most successful event so far in the history of MEOUG, 400+ individual registered online to attend the conference. We all as part of MEOUG board were very excited and put all possible efforts to arrange this event, starting from planning of each and every activity, agenda preparation, conference logistics, follow for the new customer success stories, in a short time was a challenge but really would like to pass my gratitude to all MEOUG Board and Oracle Dubai office Marketing team for such a breathtaking experience. There was a surprise for me this year in the opening ceremony of Majlis to get Appreciation Certificate…..:)

Entire day went to different breakout session starting from R12 Upgrade success story from Dubai eGovernment to dedicated Health Care session, Oracle BI, Oracle Fusion Applications, Oracle Retail, Java and in the day end was ‘Voice of Oracle Users’. A dedicated session for end users to get feedback on different Oracle technology areas. A tiring day was over and started getting ready for 2nd day and during 2nd day; I was also speaking on a rapid and cost effective Oracle eBusiness suite R12 upgrade. 2nd day we have also got good crowd, 100+ attendees. Started with Proactive support workshop session from Oracle Proactive support team, my session also went good and got a good feedback from attendees as session was focusing how companies can go for Upgrade project as internal organizational initiative. Last session of MEOUG Majlis was technology focus from Oracle E-Business Suite Release from Nadia Bendjedou, Senior Director, Oracle. As always Nadia’s session was worth listening. Finally with the closing remarks and group photo of conference attendees brings end to the MEOUG Majlis 2013, full 2 days with Oracle Roadmap, User Case Studies and networking with Middle East oracle user’s community.

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I’ll be speaking at MEOUG Majlis 2013

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on 24th March 2013

MEOUG’s Annual Conference Majlis is back and I got an opportunity to speak during Middle East Oracle User Group (MEOUG) Majlis 2013 Annual conference scheduled to


be held on 25-26 March 2013 at Westin, Dubai, UAE.

My session will be covering secrets and rapid upgrade of successful R12 project.

If you are going to be in MEOUG Majlis , please join my session.

Middle East Oracle User Group (MEOUG) – an Independent Oracle User group will hold its Annual Conference MEOUG MAJLIS. An exciting day of Oracle Roadmap, User Case Studies, SIG meetings and Round table.


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Takeaways from Oracle CloudWorld 2013 Dubai

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on 15th January 2013

A lot went on today 15th Jan, 2013 at Oracle CloudWorld, Dubai, I believe this was the maximum crowed of attendees in

cloudworldany oracle event in Dubai during recent years. Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates was a good venue with ample space and was also very well planned and organized by Oracle. Reached early morning and registration also went smooth.

Oracle CloudWorld was the first event from series of Cloud events across the globe with the theme of Mobile, social, and cloud are redefining how business gets done. Discover what your company can do to take advantage of these new opportunities and gain a competitive advantage at Oracle CloudWorld. Experience insightful keynotes, real-world case studies, in-depth Q&A sessions, hands-on demos, face-to-face networking, and dedicated tracks for different audiences.

Before sharing about the conference I thought let me put some highlight on ‘Cloud’ There are many definitions of Cloud Computing are, here is one of them that seems to represent the most commonly held view.  It’s from the National Institute of Standards (NIST).

“Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable


 computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.

Breaking it down, cloud computing is composed of:

  • 5 essential  characteristics
  • 3 service models
  • 4 deployment models”

Mark Hurd, President of Oracle came first time to Dubai to launch this event, started with the opening key note of Mark Hurd “Parting The Clouds: Transforming How you Do Business in the Age of Collaboration and Advocacy”

Few of the highlights of keynotes are: Oracle’s strategy to simplify IT with the introduction of full stack offerings along with On-Premise, Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud

Few of the bits on statistics grabbed from Mark’s keynote:  In 2 years data in the planet will double, some of which will be worthless, we should figure out to get wisdom out of it. Staggering Stat: Internet users exceed 2 billion worldwide with global penetration reaching 42% by 2016. More smartphones sold than PCs in 2012.


Executive from Emirates Airlines presented case study of Emirates during the keynote.

Last speaker of keynote session was Charlene Li, founder of Altimeter Group and she presented session “Social Business and Cloud”, this session was awesome. ‘Social business is about relationships’ very truly presented to audience of CloudWorld and ‘Master the art of failure’ Charlene tells, Follow the Google mantra: “Fail fast. Fail smart” and learn from mistakes. She also presented 6-stages of Social Business Maturity: Planning, Presence, Engagement, Formalized, Strategic, and Transformation. You can get more about Charlene on

There were number of tracks covering sales, Customer Service and Support, Finance and Operations, Human Resources and Application Developers during the entire day.


We as a part of Middle East Oracle User Group (MEOUG) got stall from Oracle to showcase volunteer group of Oracle

Users community and attract more volunteers to come forward and join MEOUG.

In the evening there was a Networking Cocktail Reception with surprise touch of regional Arabic belly dancer J

In the end, will wait for your comments ……. Be Sociable, Share!

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