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Oracle Fusion CRM – First Look

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on 19th December 2012

I got a chance to attend Oracle Fusion CRM PartnerLab (ECEMEA PILOT) 2 days workshop organized in Dubai on 18th and 19th Dec-12 by Oracle. This PartnerLab was based on discussions, presentations, demonstrations and hands on exercises.

Following areas were covered as per agenda items with discussions, Lab and review/Q&A.

  • Territory Management
  • Customer Hub
  • Campaign Management
  • Lead Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Forecasting Management
  • Extensibility

Trainers were good, having good knowledge of subject, we were very excited to work on Fusion applications, my first impression directly working on Fusion CRM application was prodigious and we all attendees were trying to compare Oracle eBusiness suite vs Fusion Applications vs Siebel CRM experience. Fusion application is entirely different taste, 100% web based and look/feel is almost the same, what we are getting on social media sites like facebook/linkedin/twitter. Functionality wise i will cover later on…

I will cover few of the takeaways here from this workshop; here are quick screen grabs of Oracle Fusion Applications. Login page of Fusion CRM (the instance we got for Lab)


Lead Creation Page looks like:


Glimpse of Social Network direct integration, you can see from below screen shot


Highlights from Road Map of Oracle Fusion CRM 

Fusion Mobile R5 (Current) is having native applications on iOS, Blackberry, you can get Fusion Mobile sales on blackberry

Got a new term Social Makeable Language being referred in fusion apps development for social media.

Native MS outlook client for Fusion is available –Customers, leads opportunity will show directly in outlook and opportunity details will be directly viewable in outlook

Oracle Fusion R6 (Planned)

  • In Fusions R6 marketing will support for sms
  • RightNow integrated with Fusion and opportunity Reports can be viewed in RightNow
  • Fusion Tap native application for ipad will be released for opportunity, leads, customers, contacts.

Oracle Fusion R7 (Planned)

  • FUSE the new ‘any device’ user interface for sales team – a glimpse give a good user interface based on today requirement what common users are using in social media
  • Fusion R7 will support for web landing pages and microsites

Oracle Fusion R8 (Planned)

  • Fusion Mobile for Android to get real time CRM data,
  • Audit Trail will also be introduced,
  • Simple quote, sales agreements, pricing will be introduced,
  • B2C – Person centric contact management,
  • Dynamic layouts
  • Oracle Social network will support custom objects,
  • Outlook extensibility via Apps Composer, separate tab will be available for outlook
  • Object Renaming like customers can be renamed to customer client etc

Fusion R9 and above (Planned)

  • UI Refresh Look & Feel
  • Cloud Onboarding – concept to give trial on cloud for prospects
  • Enhanced Social ROI reporting to get what company is getting from social media
  • Audit Trail on Custom Objects
  • Create Incidents from Fusion
  • Complex quotes for Telecom
  • Student recruitment and enrolment
  • Oracle Voice – works like Siri for Sales, Native application interaction

Reports and Analytics – BI Report Composer, web-based report creation/customization cycle you can see from below screen.


New Customer Creation form in Fusion CRM


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