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Health Check of Oracle eBusiness Inventory by using the Inventory Analyzer

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on 23rd June 2013

Oracle eBusiness R12 Inventory Analyzer is a script delivered by eBusiness suite Support team for quick health checkup of most common Inventory issues usually facing by different customers, this will enable Support team to understand the basic footprint environment.
The eBusiness Inventory Analyzer sql script will review generally following:

  • Inventory setup,
  • Patch levels,
  • Runtime tables,
  • Profiles,
  • Settings,
  • Configurations

It also provides helpful feedback and references on Best Practices for areas of disquiet on eBusiness Inventory module. Inventory Analyzer script does not replace existing available diagnostics, health checks, or wizards; however it is a good new addition to help in managing the overall health of Inventory Module. Many of existing scripts are combined in Inventory Analyzer as one validation script.

Let’s have a look of this tool, how to execute, we will go through step by steps

1-Down Load from MOS Note: Inventory Analyzer : Health Check For Common Inventory Data Issues, Critical Patches, And Setups [ID 1499475.1]

2-Place into your application node at custom top like xxcustom through toad ftp or winscp.


3-connect to sql and go to your custom location and run the SQL Inventory Analyzer script.




4- eBusiness Inventory Analyzer will create file with the name of inv_analyzer_<host> _<instance>_2013-Jun-23 


5-ftp output of Inventory Analyzer to your local machine and open it. First part of report will show the table of contents



In this example under Critical/Recommended Patches section, this report is showing priority patches which are missing on the environment and should be applied. You can go through Abstract column of each patch descriptions.



Under Data issues section, we can see highlighted issues are on serial no 6 Lot number with leading/trailing spaces issue exists and on serial no 19 Negative TRANSACTION_SOURCE_ID and even this script will analyze the Performance of the modules, you can refer Performance section with the suggestion to what action should be performed.



MOS Note: Inventory Analyzer : Health Check For Common Inventory Data Issues, Critical Patches, And Setups [ID 1499475.1]

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