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Pre-install checks on RHEL Linux 6.3 failed

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on January 8th, 2014

Oracle e-business suite installation –  pre-install checks on RHEL Linux 6.3 failed

I was doing installation of Oracle EBS 12.2 and stuck on error during pre-install check.


Web Server Install Prerequisites failed.

After checking the detail from log file, strange to see this message as it is showing that RHEL 6.3 is not certified platform but it is the certified platform.



The entry point is: oracle.installType.all
Check Name:CertifiedVersions
Check Description:This is a prerequisite condition to test whether the Oracle software is certified on the current O/S or not.
Expected result: One of oracle-6,oracle-5.8,oracle-5.7,oracle-5.6,enterprise-5.4,enterprise-4,enterprise-5,redhat-5.4,redhat-4,redhat-5,SuSE-10,SuSE-11
Actual Result: redhat-6.3
Check complete. The overall result of this check is: Failed <<<<


Tried to find out solution on google but no luck finaly was able to search on MOS note: REDHAT6 – 12.2.2 Rapid Install Preinstall Checks (Doc ID 1588970.1) as per oracle its is defect and being worked out in BUG:17529095 – CL – 12.2.2 RAPIDWIZ PREINSTALL CHECKS

Till that time to follow the workaround written the note.

It is just to change the file R12.2 stage Stage/startCD/Disk1/rapidwiz/jlib/webtier/Scripts/prereq/linux64/refhost.xml to reflect your RHEL version 


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Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.3 is released

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on December 24th, 2013

Oracle has announced release of Oracle e-business suite R12.2.3 through Steven Chan blog.

Contents from Steven’s blog are:

Instructions for downloading and applying the patch:

What Does EBS 12.2.3 Include?

This Release Update Pack (RUP) for the EBS 12.2 release codeline includes new features as well as statutory and regulatory updates, and error corrections for stability, performance, and security.

This is a consolidated suite-wide patch set. Release 12.2.3 is cumulative and includes new updates as well as updates made available in one-off patches on 11.5.10, 12.0, 12.1.3, and the base 12.2 releases.

Upgrading to EBS 12.2.3

Is there a direct upgrade path from EBS 11i to 12.2.3?

No.  EBS 11i customers must first upgrade to EBS 12.2 before applying 12.2.3.

Is there a direct upgrade path from EBS 12.0 to 12.2.3?

No.  EBS 12.0 customers must first upgrade to EBS 12.2 before applying 12.2.3.

Is there a direct upgrade path from EBS 12.2 to 12.2.3?

Yes.  EBS 12.2 customers can apply 12.2.3 directly to their environments.  EBS 12.2.3 is an Online Patch — it may be applied while EBS 12.2 is running.

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Configuring VNC Server on Linux 6.3

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on December 10th, 2013

This method applies to RHEL; let’s first install the VNC Server.

Through yum command

# yum install tigervnc-server


Through RPM command

First, locate and mount your RHEL 6.3 install media.

[root@oraerp ~]# cd “/media/RHEL_6.3 x86_64 Disc 1/Packages”

[root@oraerp Packages]# pwd

/media/RHEL_6.3 x86_64 Disc 1/Packages


Install following rpm packages

rpm -ivh xorg-x11-fonts-misc-7.2-9.1.el6.noarch.rpm

rpm –ivh tigervnc-server-1.0.90-0.17.20110314svn4359.el6.x86_64.rpm


Now lets edit the vncservers file to configure display


We can assign numbers to VNC for display like “:2” and “:3”.


In vncservers file we will find “display:user” pairs as defined on a single line.

VNCSERVERS=”2:root 3:oracle”

VNCSERVERARGS[2]=”-geometry 800×600 -nolisten tcp -localhost”

VNCSERVERARGS[3]=”-geometry 800×600″



After this we will set the VNC password for users defined in the “/etc/sysconfig/vncservers” file.

# vncpasswd




Lets switch to oracle user and set the password

# su – oracle

$ vncpasswd



$ exit



After setting up password, will enable the “vncserver” service for autostart and then start the service.

# chkconfig vncserver on

# service vncserver start


Our setup is over 🙂 now we can use a VNC viewer to connect to server by using the display numbers and passwords defined in our setup.

Updated on 18-01-2014

Faced issue on Oracle Linux 6.4, after configuring vncserver properly was not able to connect…. after research were able to fix the issue…… here is what i did:

Linux Firewall was stopping to connect so i just disabled through this command service iptables stop

[root]# service vncserver status
Xvnc (pid 4370 4174) is running…
[root@]# service iptables stop
iptables: Flushing firewall rules: [ OK ]
iptables: Setting chains to policy ACCEPT: filter [ OK ]
iptables: Unloading modules: [ OK ]

Like what you’ve read?

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Speaking at UKOUG Technology Conference 2013

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on November 21st, 2013

I am speaking at UKOUG Tech 13 on Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, join my session scheduled on Dec 4, 2013

Who are UKOUG? UKOUG exists to serve the Oracle community in the UK and Ireland. We act as a focal point for sharing knowledge about Oracle applications, technologies, tools and developments and, as an independent, not for profit membership organisation, represent the views of users and partners to Oracle – See more at:

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Winner of Oracle Excellence Award during OOW 2013

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on November 19th, 2013

oeawardThought to just write separately about winning an award during OOW2013, so with the blessings of Almighty Allah, I have been awarded Oracle Excellence Award for the category of Proactive Support Champion—Global during Oracle OpenWorld 2013 at San Franciso, USA. The Oracle Proactive Support Champion Award recognizes individuals, who have made a significant impact on their company’s adoption and use of proactive support tools, best practices and have been able to influence others to adopt Oracle proactive tools.

I was so excited during the Award ceremony… can’t make out to express my feelings and getting the Oracle ProactiveSupport Champion Award is really a tremendous honour. Today I am more committed than ever to the Oracle community that has brought me so much joy and success.



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Download – Oracle OpenWorld 2013 Presentations

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on October 15th, 2013

Now available for download: most of the sessions from Oracle OpenWorld.

If you missed sessions, want to review what you learned, or spread the knowledge to others, now you can download most of the sessions presented at Oracle OpenWorld.

There are two ways to access the sessions for download (or online review):

  1. Directly through Content Catalog
  2. Indirectly through Schedule Builder to Content Catalog (registered attendees only)


– Sessions will be available for download for approximately six months (March 2014)
– Some presenters chose not to make their sessions available

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Oracle OpenWorld 2013 – Recap

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on October 2nd, 2013

I arrived in San Francisco on midday Saturday after 16hours flight from Dubai to attend Oracle OpenWorld as a Speakeropenworldand Oracle Excellence Award Winner. After check-in to hotel, went outside with another my friend for late lunch and visited Ferry Building area. Sunday morning started very early and OpenWorld registration went very smoothly, the first session I went to was DBA Expert Panel Discussion, where all leading DBAs were present.

Next was to spend 1 hour on IOUC User group booth to represent MEOUG. IOUC booth was setup to spread user group messages to OOW attendees. I met few of other User Group presidents and representatives, from there it was off to the OTN Lounge to meet other Oracle OTN/ACE folks. Finally reached to keynote of Sunday from Larry Ellison.

Following were the main announcements from keynote:

Oracle’s introduction of in-memory option for 12C database, as well as Big Memory Machine-M6-32

Ellison said that the in memory option will make getting responses to queries 100 times faster and we can now get responses faster than we can come up with the questions. The M6-32 Big Memory Machine, which is said to be ideal for in-memory databases is a high-powered server featuring a new processor in the form of the SPARC M6. The chip incorporates 12 cores – twice the number in the current M5, it can run 96 threads per processor.

Monday was big day for me as I was getting Oracle Excellence Award for Oracle Proactive Support Champion. Thank you Oracle for awarding me such a prestigious award. The Oracle Proactive Support Champion Individual Award recognizes individuals, who have made a significant impact on their company’s adoption and use of proactive support tools, best practices and have been able to influence others to adopt proactive tools.

This year my session got slot on Thursday 26th Oct, I was presenting on Oracle eBusiness Suite…

[CON2828] Upgrade in Three Months: Secrets to a Rapid, Cost-Effective Upgrade

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Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 released

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on September 20th, 2013

Oracle has announced Oracle EBS 12.2 version on Sep 19, 2013. This latest version presents Online Patching to support administrations with high-availability requirements by dramatically reducing planned maintenance downtimes.

Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.2 Media Pack is available at e-delivery site.

2013-09-19 10_33_06-Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.2 Media Pack for Linux x86-64-bit

Few of the facts from Oracle’s press release

Enhancements Drive Increased Business Value

With hundreds of cross-industry capabilities that span enterprise resource planning (ERP), human capital management and supply chain management, Oracle E-Business Suite helps customers manage the complexities of global business environments.

Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 helps organizations further optimize business processes, reduce costs and respond quickly to changing market conditions by introducing enhancements in the following areas:

Oracle Contract Lifecycle Management for Public Sector: An integrated acquisition management solution that helps drive efficiencies across government procurement processes and helps align compliance with the rules and regulations of the public sector acquisition process.

Oracle Financials: Integration with Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub and Oracle Data Relationship Management helps companies improve automation and efficiency while supporting compliance with changing accounting and reporting requirements.

Oracle Projects: Enhanced cost breakdown structure and labor costing helps improve cost control and accelerate project cash flow.

Oracle Purchasing: Improved integration, automated complex approval hierarchies and embedded best practices support greater efficiency in the purchasing cycle.

Oracle Supplier Lifecycle Management: An improved qualification user interface, qualification approval re-routing capabilities and mandatory compliance documentation help organizations streamline supplier evaluation.

To further help organizations transform supply chains from a functional necessity to a competitive advantage, the latest release of Oracle E-Business Suite includes the following supply chain management enhancements:

Oracle Order Management: A new solution for selling subscription services leverages Oracle Configurator to enable users to configure and sell products along with subscription-based services on a single order.

Oracle Warehouse Management: Streamlined mobile user interfaces, enhanced managerial workbenches, improved catch-weight functionality and better extensibility supports greater fulfillment flexibility.

Oracle Manufacturing Execution System: Usability improvements such as express serialized manufacturing help boost the productivity of shop floor operators and increase compliance through standardization. In addition, Oracle’s electronic-kanban electronic inventory planning and supply management solution helps enterprises successfully execute key lean manufacturing concepts.

Oracle Enterprise Asset Management: Enhanced support for compliance with safety regulations helps prevent injuries.

To help organizations further modernize HR practices, the latest release of Oracle E-Business Suite includes:

Oracle Payroll and Oracle Time and Labor: Simplified functions for local payroll administrators help reduce project costs and streamline workforce management.

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Oracle e-Business Suite certification with JAVA 1.6 and 1.7

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on September 11th, 2013

Oracle has announced certification of latest Java Runtime Environment 7u40 (a.k.a. JRE 7u40-b43) and later updates on the JRE 7 codeline and Java Runtime Environment 1.6.0_60 (a.k.a. JRE 6u60-b07) and later updates on the JRE 6 codeline through Steven Chan blog.

These versions are now certified with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i and 12 for Windows-based desktop clients.

Refer following notes of My Oracle Support further to Steven’s blog

All patches required for ensuring full compatibility of the E-Business Suite with JRE 7 are documented in these Notes:

For EBS 11i:

For EBS 12


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I’m Speaking at Oracle OpenWorld. Hope You’ll Join Me

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on August 6th, 2013

I will be again presenting this year at Oracle OpenWorld from September 22-26, 2013openworld

My Session is:

Upgrade in Three Months: Secrets to a Rapid, Cost-Effective Upgrade [CON2828]

If you are going to be there, please join my session and few of the benefits of attending Openworld are:openworljoinme

High-Level Benefits of Attending Oracle OpenWorld
  • Take advantage of an opportunity to present and demo your products or services to more than 60,000 business and technology professionals from around the world
  • Learn about the latest IT and business technology, upgrades, challenges, trends, and best practices
  • Share notes in special interest groups and product and industry sessions
  • Participate in onsite certification testing
  • Network with peers and industry luminaries
  • Choose from more than 2,500 sessions and hands-on labs that will be led by the world’s foremost experts
  • Learn about Oracle product lines and the company’s industry roadmap, transformational business strategies, and solution-specific challenges

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