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Archive for January 26th, 2013

Installation of Oracle Fusion Applications

Posted by Kashif Manzoor on 26th January 2013

Few days back I thought, let’s try to install Oracle fusion applications and started glancing different docs available and fusionappsfinally reach to a question number 1, what hardware required? Do I have that infrastructure to support me for this thrust? All these questions played vital role to write my earlier post on hardware sizing for Oracle Fusion Applications. In the last whatever hardware was available with me, just started to try out as an experimental basis and we will see J later on.

Downloading fusion applications media from  took few days based on my internet speed and meanwhile I was just exploring installation guide Oracle Fusion Applications Installation Guide 11g Release 5 (11.1.5) E16600-07

Another thing what I have done is just captured all the steps which I have followed during this installation drive and just going to share through this post. These all steps based on my own research and maybe there is error or wrong so I would suggest all of you to just follow Oracle’s standard guide to install Oracle Fusion Applications. However do let me know if you find any point erroneous or require modifications.

What will be covered in this?

  • Basic Concepts/Architecture of Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Where to start? How to start?
  • Oracle Fusion Applications Media download from edelivery
  • Download and Installation of Oracle Linux from edelivery
  • Installation of Virtual Box
  • Installation of Operating System – Oracle Linux
  • Stage the Oracle Fusion Applications software
  • Install provisioning framework
  • Install a transaction database
  • Install and configure Oracle Identity Management components
  • Configure Oracle Identity and Access Management components
  • Integrate Oracle Identity Manager and Oracle Access Manager
  • Create a provisioning plan for the new environment
  • Provision a new environment
  • Complete required post-installation tasks

You can download from this link




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